Jun.12-14 2020
Qingdao, China
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A.Prof. Jieli Lin (林洁丽),

 Foshan University,

Department of Environment and Chemical EngineeringChina

Research Area:

Application of Physical and Chemical Technology in the Field of Environmental Protection

Research experience: 

1. 2019.10-2020.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: kh19224) of“Study on sludge treatment equipment of rainwater and sewage pipeline”(雨污管道污泥处理装备的研究)in financial support of 8 million yuan.

2.  2018.10-2019.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: kh18469) of “Optimization design of sludge mechanical deep dehydration system”(污泥机械深度脱水系统的优化设计) in financial support of 10 million yuan.

3. 2018.1-2018.12 participate in the vertical project (Number: NSFC-11747108) of “Influence of small molecule absorption on the Raman properties of nitrogen compound two-dimensional materials” in financial support of 5 million yuan.

4.  2017.10-2018.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: hf20171013kh17427) of “Study on the optimization of deep dehydration conditioner for domestic sludge”(生活污泥深度脱水调理剂的优化研究) in financial support of 5.5 million yuan.

5. 2017.7-2017.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: hf20170725) of “Study on the process scheme for high efficiency dehydration of river sediment”(河道底泥高效脱水的工艺方案研究) in financial support of 3.1 million yuan.

6.  2015.10-2017.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: 00587770267415007) of “Study on the technology of deep dewatering of municipal sludge by electro-osmosis”(城镇污泥电渗透深度脱水技术的研究) in financial support of 10 million yuan.

7. 2014.3-2015.12 chair the horizontal topic (Number: 00587770250578004) of “Application of microfiltration membrane technology in ceramic wastewater treatment”(微滤膜技术在陶瓷污水处理中的应用) in financial support of 9.8 million yuan.

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