Jun.12-14 2020
Qingdao, China
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Pro. Li Wen (李文),

 Mine Safety Branch, 

China Coal Research InstituteChina

Research Area:

Comprehensive Detection and control technologies of mine goafs Disaster

Research experience: 

Scientific research honor:

1. Winner of China Coal Youth Science and Technology Award in the year 2019.

2.  Application for 17 patents of Chinese invention.

3. Received 12 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards of China.

Scientific research project:

1. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (51674142): Research on Chain Control Theory of Coal Mine Goafs Instability Disaster.

2. Funded by National Science and Technology Major Project of China (2016ZX05045001-004): Key Techniques of Multi-waves Fields Combined detection in the range of Coal Mine Goafs.

3. Participated in preparation of two National Coal Industry Standards of China: The standard of comprehensive ground geophysical detection for mine goafs/ Evaluation Technical methods of construction foundation stability on the surface of mine goafs.

4. Presided or attended more than 600 coalmines’ surface and undermine survey, geophysical detection, hazard assessment and evaluation, monitoring and supervisory, comprehensive control and utilization of coal mine goafs in Midwest China.

5. Proposed and developed the chain control theory of coal mine goafs instability disaster.

6. Established and developed the multi-waves fields combined detection technologies system.

7. Put forward such mine goafs disaster control countermeasures principle as ground survey in advance, undermine detection follow up, hazard assessment and evaluation in time, monitoring and supervisory in place, comprehensive control and utilization for disaster reduction, policy and funds for guarantee.


1. He has published five Academic works in corporation, two of them named The Control Techniques and Practices of Goaf Disasters in Coal Mines and The Technical Guide for General Survey of Hidden Hazard Factors in Coal Mines.

2. He has Published 52 papers in indexed journals or international meetings.

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